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Paradise POS includes everything any merchant type needs to manage, grow, and optimize your business, all in a custom point-of-sale system solution that’s easy to set up and use. Available for customization, Paradise POS systems' key components include an intuitive touchscreen, EMV/NFC-enabled payment device, and robust software featuring powerful inventory management and reporting.

Simple and Easy to Use

Train employees quickly and get them on the sales or restaurant floor faster with Paradise POS.


Feature-Rich & Affordable

Don’t sacrifice functionality to save money. Get the best of both worlds with Paradise POS.


Fast and Simple Checkout

Lightning fast and incredibly easy to operate, Paradise POS checkout will not slow you down.


iOS Based

Specifically designed for the iPad, Paradise POS is iOS based to provide a phenomenal user experience for employees, customers, and your management team.


Paying employees is easier with Paradise POS. Track hours and export reports for upload to your payroll management system like QuickBooks or for your CPA.


Inventory Management

Use your iOS device and Paradise POS’ barcode scanner to do inventory counts and updates wirelessly.


Point of Sales just got easier.


Retail and restaurant owners choose Paradise POS and our innovative iPad POS software because it combines legacy POS system functions with the convenience and simplicity of the iPad interface. Paradise POS also offers extra elements that make running your business easier, like customizable features and a secure system, all backed by our dedicated customer support team.

You can finally get that system to help manage your business properly, without it costing you an arm and a leg in the process. Schedule a free no obligation demo with our point-of-sale team today and see how HotSauce POS can be the solution your restaurant, bar, or nightclub has been looking for!

  • Integration of the most advanced technologies

  • Reliability and durability are guaranteed  through an appropriate selection of components

  • Modular architectures enable customizable, flexible, and upgradable equipment, allowing easy installation and maintenance.

  • Front and back office systems

  • Associated & coordinated peripherals     

  • Digital signage and display equipment


Get Started Quickly

Our POS is powerful yet easy to use, helping you run your business like never before.


Manage Your Business

Our comprehensive solutions enable you to accept payments in the store, on the road, and online.


Grow Your Sales

Features like integrated marketing and tipping ensure that you’re optimizing revenue.


Choose Your Model

To meet specific business needs, POS systems come in a countertop model and a flexible, mobile model.

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